Oracle 7 for DOS, Windows, OS/2 & Novell Netwar 7.0

Category: DBMS
Year: 1993
Description:Oracle 7 for DOS, Windows, OS/2 & Novell Netware
Manufacturer: Oracle
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#6632ORACLE7.part1.rar7.8 MB0x17B45FBF
#6633ORACLE7.part2.rar7.8 MB0x4463F54C
#6634ORACLE7.part3.rar2.7 MB0xD0E6BEA0

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On Saturday December 21, 2013 mark48 said:

The software itself is completely in English, and seems to work fine. The download includes some extra documentation that happens to be in Russian.

On Sunday March 17, 2013  said:

You can get English docs from the Oracle site!

On Monday December 20, 2010  said:

this products documentation is in cyrilic russian, not english EN as advertized. I recommend this be removed!

On Tuesday December 7, 2010  said:

all documentation is in cyrilic russian. hangs system when trying to install in DOS with orainst.