Operation: Inner Space 1.49.00

Category: Games
Year: 1994
Description:(Use SHIPDISK to install the game and then update with THEWORKS.) The premise of the game is that your computer has been invaded by evil forces and all the icons set loose to wreak havoc! Only you can set things right by entering your computer's Inner Space and capturing or destroying all icons. Inner Space is an addictive, fun and easy to learn game. Acclaimed by reviewers, it delivers hot strategic action play on any computer with any Windows version from Windows 3.1 to Windows XP. Visit the Features page for details. Inner Space is the oldest game still sold, supported & played in its original version. It works unmodified on all Windows versions from Windows 3.1 to Windows XP.
Manufacturer: Software Dynamics
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#4863Shipdisk.rar1.2 MB0xF133C682Fake?
#4864THEWORKS.rar756.5 KB0x18F10E3Fake?

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On Sunday December 13, 2009 S. Silverman said:

Thank you! I've had an unbelieveable amount of trouble locating this thing. and here it sits, this site is awesome!

On Thursday September 17, 2009  said:

Correction: I didn't install it properly, it is the full version. Now it crashes upon creating a game, though.

On Thursday September 17, 2009  said:

1) It says it's the demo ("You are on day 5845 of your evaluation period").
2) It's version 1.29.08, i.e. the latest, not the nonexistent "1.49.00".

On Saturday December 13, 2008 HippyVince said:

Thank you!
I've been looking for this since my disk broke, and I could never find where the version on my old hard drive hid whatever the fuck it hides to confirm it's registered instead of the shitty demo