OS2 Warp 3.0 Connect Warp 3.0 Conect

Category: OS
Year: 1994
Description:A complete set of 1.44 me install disks for OS/2 Warp 3.0 Connect in Zip format.
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN
OS: OS/2

Files to download

#5437OS2V3Part01.zip103.4 KB0xCAF01242
#5438OS2V3Part02.zip2.5 MB0x2BECC7D9
#5439OS2V3Part03.zip4.2 MB0xBF890844
#5440OS2V3Part04.zip5.1 MB0xE1ABF7
#5441OS2V3Part05.zip4.2 MB0xBD1071B3
#5442OS2V3Part06.zip5.3 MB0xB775FA9D
#5443OS2V3Part07.zip5.3 MB0x1F2DE44
#5444OS2V3Part08.zip5.1 MB0x3DFE831
#5445OS2V3Part09.zip2.4 MB0x76CBD39E
#5446OS2V3Part10.zip3.3 MB0xDEE0416A
#5447OS2V3Part11.zip1.8 MB0xA911C4E9
#5448OS2V3Part12.zip1.1 MB0xBBB4AD28

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On Tuesday July 9, 2013 Gregory Crow said:

In answer to the earlier comment "It ended up with the text "OS/2" on the screen, and nothing more happened" --- I have been told, and have experienced it myself, that OS/2 Warp only installs onto a machine with a genuine Intel Chip. I could never get it past that same screen when I tried it on my machine with an AMD chip. When I put it on my INTEL Pentium III machine, it worked.

On Thursday April 25, 2013  said:

hi guys. i need the step to build the os2 wrap into diskette. what the step for this. Thanks

On Monday February 4, 2013  said:

after i trying. is correct, is was IBM OS/2.

On Thursday October 27, 2011 Xdan said:

It's a new floppy disk format, XDF, which extended a standard 1.44 MB floppy disk to 1.86 MB.

On Sunday February 28, 2010 Ben Cooper said:

These are all 1.8mg disks? Or am I missing something?

On Monday January 18, 2010 mattheus91 said:

Worked fine, thanks.

On Thursday December 17, 2009 ospapapa said:

Thank you a lot!

On Sunday November 29, 2009  said:

It doesn't work. I tried booting up using disk0. It ended up with the text "OS/2" on the screen, and nothing more happened.

On Thursday February 26, 2009 butterpecan said:

Thank You

On Wednesday February 25, 2009 Netwalker said: