OS/2 2.1

Category: OS
Year: 1993
Manufacturer: IBM
Localization: EN
OS: OS/2

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#201Os2-21.zip27.5 MB0x6E74123B

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On Sunday November 7, 2021 Franz said:

The floppys are easy to install on a really HD of a Pentium. The only and very important thing is: You can only install it on a HD Primary Master.
With the two floppys and then CD it donĀ“t work. The CD will not be noticed.


On Thursday December 14, 2017 Highwinder said:

This is the diskette version, not the rare CDROM version. However, I personally think it's fun to install the diskette version for old-time's sake. MANY fond memories of this miraculous operating system, which made Windows (and Windows NT) look like a complete joke at the time.


On Tuesday March 24, 2015 DocDJ2 said:

2nd disk of 3 (disk1) could not find COUNTRY.SYS, even after I replaced it from another disk. Does anyone have any ideas why? I checked the path= and dpath= in CONFIG.SYS.


On Wednesday May 28, 2014 jiminy said:

I get the following error when trying to install with VirtualBox in Linux.
VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system. Certain guests (e.g. OS/2 and QNX) require this feature and will fail to boot without it.
i'm guessing there's no workaround.


On Saturday April 20, 2013  said:

Really GOOD !!!
Time ago, I was lucky with this OS!!
Today I'm using OS/2 Warp 4 on bare hardware (i7core, 2GB ram, Matrox G450 PCI Dual Head with drivers rev. 2.58) and using an SMP Kernel (14.062_SMP). Was an hard work, with lot of trial and error, lot of files downloaded, but its was worth, yet it run, and is AMAZING FAST. And without using any virtualization, but I must say, VirtualBox is a BIG HELP a the begin, as Warp 4 need at least Fixpack 15 + lot other files to work on today machines. And with an SMP Kernel + lot of other files and BIG patience, IT REALLY ROCK like no other OS today marketed. Sadly that IBM marketing for OS/2 was the BADIEST EVER SEEN. Into my heart and my hardware, OS/2 will have a place, so long I live, this is my statement ... OS/2 RULEZZ !!! :-)

On Thursday December 20, 2012 Mario Luppi said:

The best way I found to use this is to extract each IMZ files into IMA and then extract the IMA into original files. Start with the INSTALL.IMZ and then proceed on. EACH IMA file will extract into subfolder. The files in each subfolder will easily fit into a 1.44 disk. Need 23 newlyformatted disk.

On Saturday August 15, 2009  said:

Thank you!

On Friday January 16, 2009 FayFay said:

I have a Mac and use the Emulator Q / QEMU. I renamed the Files into *-IMG.ZIP and unzipped all files. Because Q / QEMU can not use IMG Files i renamed them into *.DSK
The Installation worked without any Problem.

On Sunday November 30, 2008 dia2008 said:

This OS works great in VirtualBOX

On Tuesday July 1, 2008 Cameron (guest) said:

I used winimage to convert the .imz files to .ima. The names of the images were wrong, when the installer asks for disk 1 I used disk 3 and when it asks for disk 2 I used disk 4 and so on. When the installer asks for disk 16 use disk 1, and when it asks for disk 17 use disk 2. To start the setup boot from the Install disk.
I hope this helps!!!

On Thursday January 10, 2008 guest (guest) said:

Microsoft left... with much of the GUI code and kernel code IBM wrote and started on Windows NT and 95.

On Tuesday November 27, 2007 OS/2 is better than windows (guest) said:

It works but the DSk images were .imz and vitrual pc support .ima. it works though
This is much better than os\2 and windows
warp 4 sucks

On Wednesday December 6, 2006 Highwinder (guest) said:

Microsoft had nothing to do with OS/2 version 2 or beyond. Microsoft abandoned OS/2 after v1.3.

On Monday September 25, 2006 Yoswin (guest) said:

A precious old time OS with beautiful GUI, co-creation of Microsoft & IBM before Microsoft alone depart from it to their sweety Windows, and IBM continued on this one; try it and feel its serenity.

On Tuesday July 25, 2006 Sandra (guest) said:

A really good OS, hard to install, but f it works it's great!