Norton pcAnywhere 1.03b

Category: Communication
Year: 1993
Description:Norton PcAnywhere For Windows v1.03รก For Windows - Symantec Corporation June 23, 1993 System Requirements IBM AT, PS/2, or 100% compatible MS-DOS 3.3 or higher, Intel 80386SX or higher, Windows 3.0 or 3.1 2 MB RAM required 6 MB hard disk space Easily Access Your Office PC or Network from Anywhere! If you need to use your office computer, printer, or network when you're not in your office, you need the Norton pcANYWHERE. Dial in from any other PC, then work as if you were there. With its ease of use and famous Norton reliability, the Norton pcANYWHERE is the most widely used program of its kind. And now, it's faster than ever, with powerful new tools for easier access. Everything In One Package The Norton pcANYWHERE is the complete remote computing solution - for remote control, file transfer, and general communications, via modem or network. Get data from your office computer when you're away from the office. Update files, check your e-mail, print reports, or use office-based applications. - AppleSeed 2017 -
Manufacturer: Symantec Corporation
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#18127PcAnywhere_For_Windows_1.03b.zip1.9 MB0x2A5E2FD6

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