Norton Desktop for Windows 3.1 3.0

Category: Utility
Year: 1993
Description:Rather good File/Program Manager replacement for Windows 3.1 Among other things, every drive on your system appears on the desktop, and right-click support is added.
Manufacturer: Norton Computing
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#5796norton1.vfd.7z1.2 MB0xFB30BBCB
#5797norton2.vfd.7z1.4 MB0x9980E5D8
#5798norton3.vfd.7z1.4 MB0x5A374C3A
#5799norton4.vfd.7z1.4 MB0xA7CC8883
#5800norton5.vfd.7z862.8 KB0xF310B5BEFake?
#5801norton6.vfd.7z1.3 MB0x2AE8572A
#5802norton7.vfd.7z686.3 KB0x7E2279B6

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On Wednesday January 17, 2018 Jet Black said:

The disks are mislabeled, disk 5 is really disk 7, 6 is 5, and 7 is disk 6, when used in that order the program installs and runs just fine.

On Friday September 13, 2013  said:

The VDF files are standard 1.44mb disk images, and can be opened in WinImage or similar utilities.

On Thursday July 8, 2010  said:

I extracted and then mounted each vfd file and copied the contents to one folder after each mount. Installed from one directory OK using virtual Windows 3.1.