Moraff's DOS Games Collection

Category: Games
Year: 1991
Description:A collection of games from Apogee Software featuring the Moraff collection including: Moraff Bridge Version 2.1 Moraff Dungeons of the Unforgiven Version 1.0 Moraff Escapade Version 1.0 Moraff Explorer Version 1.0 Moraff MathTrap Version 4.0 Moraff MoreJongg Version 3.0 Moraff Pinball Version 9.0 Moraff SimpleDOS Version 1.0 Moraff SuperBlast III Version 3.0 Moraff Temptris Version 1.0 Moraff VGA Art Version 1.0 Moraff World Version 6.1 and more... Each and every level for Moraff World and for Moraff Dungeons of the Unforgiven will be full premapped.
Manufacturer: Apogee Software
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13291MoraffWare Games.zip6.3 MB0xDACD549E

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