Misc Runtimes Pack DOS - Early Windows Misc. Versions

Category: System
Year: 2000
Description:This pack contains most common runtimes used for DOS and early Windows versions. Contents: activex internet controls.zip bwcc32.zip cmdialog.zip comctl32.zip comdlg32.zip cswskctl.zip cswsock.zip ctl3d32.zip cwsdpmi.v4-Charles W Sandmann.rar cwsdpmi.v7-Charles W Sandmann.rar cygwin.zip dos32.3.3-adam seychell.rar dos4gw.1.95-tenberry.rar dos4gw.1.97-tenberry.rar dos4gw.2.60-tenberry.rar dssock32.zip icmp.zip ipdaem32.zip ipport.zip mfc40.zip msvbvm50.zip msvbvm60.zip msvcrt40.zip oc25.zip olepro32.zip PMODEW.1.33-daredevil.rar PMODEW.1.33i-daredevil.rar richtx32.zip tabctl32.zip threed.zip threed32.zip vb40016.zip vb40032.zip vb5rt.exe
Manufacturer: MISC
Localization: EN

Files to download

#20486runtimes-pack.rar14.7 MB0x1A659D65Fake?

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