Minix source code i dont know

Category: OS
Year: 1987
Description:the source code for the popular MINIX operating System
Manufacturer: Minux team
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#4674Minix source code.rar3.1 MB0xE2ABDCD4

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On Thursday June 11, 2020 crispi_1971 said:

Minix is not UNIX, or SCO or XENIX.
It was written by Andrew Tanenbaum as a Operating System course to go alongside his book. Nothing to do with Microsoft at all.

On Monday June 24, 2013 said:

This really is the minix code. minix was propirity code of microsoft before they sold it to SCO. This source code is from older ms-minix which is now avilable (though hard to get)