Microsoft Word 5.1 Macintosh 5.1

Category: Office
Year: 1992
Description:There is no OS option for Mac at Vetusware. Please disregard "XP" as the Operating System. This is Macintosh software useful for 68k-PPC Macs and will run under Minivmac and SheepShaver. The most successful of MS Word Macintosh versions in the 68k-PPC period. Six img image files are compressed with Stuffit Light 3.6 wrapped in a zip file.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#8801MSWord51.sit.zip4.2 MB0xD6F9B03A

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On Monday July 14, 2014 dirkvermeulen said:

installs and works fine under the Chubby Bunny of sheep shaver with MacOS 9.2.
Opening old files is a breeze. Converting to *.rtf makes it possible to read your old docs in the new MSWord for Mac 2011. You only loose pict images. Have find a way to transport them.