Microsoft Windows 3.0a Thai Edition 3.0a

Category: OS
Year: 1991
Description:Microsoft Windows 3.0a Thai Edition is the first Windows that support Thai language. It is Windows 3.0a English version bundled with Windows Thai system. Co-developed by Microsoft, International Research Corporation Ltd. (iRC) and The MicroWiz Systems Co.,Ltd., distributed by The Value Systems Co.,Ltd. The Thai system software (HPPCL.DRV, KEYBOARD.DRV, THAIDRV.DLL, THAIP.EXE) contains copy protection as it required parallel port hardlock (dongle) to operate. For your convenience, I have applied an unprotect to the application files in the Patch directory, replace it with the patched files. Note: This is incomplete release, since Disk 6 (Thai System Install Disk) was mostly unreadable. Need to redump disk 6 and possibly disk 7 from good disks. Tho I have extracted/salvaged almost all of Thai System files to ThaiDrv directory. Simply install Windows 3.0a, then copy ThaiDrv directory content to C:\ and edit WIN.INI as in readme.txt.
Manufacturer: Microsoft, International Research Corporation Ltd., The MicroWiz
Localization: TH
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#19464Microsoft Windows 3.0a Thai Edition (5.25).7z20.2 MB0xD97CD543

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