Mathematica 5.2

Category: Other
Year: 2005
Manufacturer: Wolfram
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#14680Mathematica_5.2.part1.rar77 MB0x2CF4539
#14681Mathematica_5.2.part2.rar74.9 MB0x2BEF5991

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On Monday April 30, 2018 Bob Schtmitkinberg said:

Negative, Walter. You absolutely NEED **BOTH** parts. BOTH of them are required. You must download 1. Mathematica_5.2.part1.rar, and, 2. Mathematica_5.2.part2.rar. This is a split .rar archive; therefore, the second part is absolutely **not** optional. The reason it worked for you is because you downloaded both of them, but only needed to run the extraction with part 1, which is expected. These files are split, because files over 100 MB must be split into smaller files. This is a limitation of the site. When you download both .rar files, right-click the .part1 file, and then extract it. The files will extract automatically from both parts (again, you need BOTH parts). Following the extraction, use the included keymaker.exe (no, it does not have a virus, but you may need to temporarily shut down your AV scaner) to generate the mathID, licence number and serial number. Run the installer. Follow the prompts/dialogs after installing the product to activate it.


On Friday July 14, 2017 Walter said:

You only need to download part 1
Part 2 seems to be empty and void.
You do not need it.
All the stuff (KeyMaker included) ist in part 1.
It ist Mathematica 5.2 for students

On Saturday October 25, 2014 al tracker said:

The again.nfo file supplied with the download states:
Unzip, unrar and install the application.
copy math id into the keymaker and use generated
password to fully enable the program, njoy!
Unfortunately, NO License Number is provided!!