Mathcad PLUS 5.0

Category: Other
Year: 1996
Manufacturer: MathSoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#74MCAD50.rar6.1 MB0x9BF4B855Fake?

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On Tuesday August 22, 2017 rinoxtwice said:

I tried to install Mathcad Plus 5.0 but it failed. This because the downloaded package contains an error (a file with wrong name). Please rename file "~INS0762.LIB" to "INS0762.LIB" and then run setup.exe. Installation will finish successfully.

On Thursday July 6, 2017 Borrable Cacota said:

Runing on Linux Mint 18.2 with Wine-2.0.1 it crashes if you maximize the window in a secondary monitor when no file is opened. Workaround is to open any MCD file before maximizing.
I suppose it is a Wine problem, but I put it here in case it is useful for somebody.

On Monday August 1, 2016 dexterplanck said:

Bill : first install it in windows 3.1 with dosbox and then copy installed folder to your windows 8.1, it works...

On Saturday June 4, 2016 Bill Everett said:

dexterplanck: I don't know what you did, but it will not install on my Windows 8.1 laptop.

On Wednesday March 16, 2016 dexterplanck said:

It's works with Windows 8.1 like a charm

On Friday February 19, 2016 kandimman said:

Many thanks for some ni
ce nostalgic programms

On Wednesday January 7, 2015 chris_51000 said:

i try to install on win 3.11 under 6.22 ms dos virtual box, but i can't install. I had a loop error at beginning on install....
may be i do something wrong ...

On Tuesday July 23, 2013  said:

Installs and runs fine on my Windows 3.11 DosBOX set up. Works pretty much like the current version, only it doesn't take up so much space.
Make sure you have Win32S installed before you run setup.
Cheers for sharing this!

On Monday September 24, 2012 janhsh said:

This version (MathCAD 5) is a 32bits version
Use it on WinNT32, Win95, WinMe or WinXP32
If you want to use MathCAD on Win3.x, use MathCAD 3 ou MathCAD 4
MathCAD 2 is only for DOS

On Friday May 6, 2011 Whitehead said:

This site used to rock no all I get is errors.

On Tuesday April 15, 2008 guest (guest) said:

Mathcad is a program for performing technical calculations

On Thursday March 27, 2008 guest (guest) said:

It is a mathematical package.
For doing calculations, it shows the equations more like in a textbook then the usual tools such as spreadsheets

On Monday February 11, 2008 Seppo (guest) said:

This is mathematical/engineering software. Its is very easy to use and this older version is exellent for students etc.

On Monday June 5, 2006 Hans-Joerg Schmidt (guest) said:

Math-Cad is designed to support any kind scientific calculations in a document oriented way. It is not a CAD system and it is not something which could be compared to AutoCAD...,
Unfortunately this version seems to have serious problems as it was impossible to get it installed on Windows 3.11