MS-DOS 2.11 [TI Professional Computer OEM r2.13] 2.11/2.13

Category: OS
Year: 1984
Description:This is the special OEM version of MS-DOS needed to operate a Texas Instruments Professional Computer. This version is labled "MS-DOS 2 version 2.13". It contains IO.SYS 2.13, MSDOS.SYS 2.11, COMMAND.COM 2.11, and support utilities. The 2.13 update includes support for 80-track drives, hard disk utilities, and numerous bug fixes to the support tools. Important: This disk will ONLY boot on a TI Professional Computer. It will NOT boot on an IBM PC, IBM hardware compatible PC, or a PC emulator. This archive contains one 5.25 360k floppy disk image in ImageDisk format. Use Imagedisk to write this to a floppy disk. TI Professional Disks are formatted with an interleave of 1:2 instead of 1:1. If you use a different tool to write the disk image, you must make sure the tracks are formatted appropriately.
Manufacturer: Microsoft/Texas Instruments
Localization: EN

Files to download

#13745MS-DOS 2.11 [TI Professional Computer OEM r2.13](5.25).7z431.2 KB0xF05DEC4B
#13746MS-DOS 2.11 [TI Professional Computer OEM r2.13].Manuals.7z9.6 MB0x5BE34A9C
#16282MS-DOS 2.11 [TI Professional Computer OEM r2.13].OS Manual V1.7z57.7 MB0x9E002A9F
#16283MS-DOS 2.11 [TI Professional Computer OEM r2.13].OS Manual V2.7z53 MB0x7D55B13

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