King's Quest 1 (1984) for PCjr

Category: Games
Year: 1984
Description:This is the self-loading PCjr version of King's Quest (1984).
Manufacturer: Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14427KQ1PCJR.ZIP196.9 KB0x6F857AEF

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On Saturday November 4, 2023 Pavlos Katsaros said:

I have written it in a disk with imd119 and it worked correctly on a real ibm pc jr.

On Wednesday September 1, 2021 Phil said:

This does boot in DOSBOX.
You'll need to set machine=pcjr in dosbox.conf.
I'd recommend setting cpucore to dynamic, and CPU Cycles to something really low, like 275.
Also, the original version used two disks, a booter and a play disk.
You can emulate this by making a duplicate of the image file and, for the sake of this example, naming one KQPCJRa.IMG and the other KQPCJRb.IMG.
Mark KQPCJRa.IMG as read only in your OS.
Then do as Mike suggested and navigate to the image location but instead type:
Once in game you can press CTRL+F4 to swap between the disks.
If you don't do this your image file won't boot the next time you play.

On Wednesday August 14, 2019 Mike said:

This works fine is DOXBox, just make sure you have "machine=pcjr" set in the DOXBox config file. To start, navigate to the directory KQ1PCJR.IMG and type "BOOT KQ1PCJR.IMG" in the prompt.

On Wednesday July 31, 2019 wolverine79936 said:

Addendum... Back in the PCJr days, games were made with bootable disks, no filesystems. That's why this isn't work. It needs an IBM PCJr or an emulator for the machine to work.
We've been spoiled by Windows and DOS 3.x+. LOL

On Wednesday July 31, 2019 wolverine79936 said:

Yeah. This is some kind of archaic floppy image that doesn't work with DOSBox or any other mounting software under Win 8.1+.

On Sunday February 11, 2018 Jessie Bains said:

Doesn't work! It's a floppy image and I can't open/access it!