King's Quest 1 (1984 release for DOS)

Category: Games
Year: 1984
Description:This is the self-booting DOS version of King's Quest (1984).
Manufacturer: Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Localization: EN

Files to download

#14426KQ1.ZIP200.9 KB0xDD872FDA

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On Wednesday May 17, 2017 Nick_Arrow said:

Do the controller works right in this version. When I have booted the game and starts playing the character go around automatically?

On Thursday September 4, 2014 btm85bubs said:

You have to use the DOSBox boot command to load the game. This is a boot disk - it is *not* readable by DOS.
Use the following syntax:
boot c:\dosbox\kq1.img

On Thursday September 4, 2014 al tracker said:

Can't read kq1.img. Need to know the imaging program used to create image.

On Wednesday September 3, 2014 btm85bubs said:

Sorry, I meant that this is the *PC* version. It does *not* run under DOS. It is a self-booting disk.
(I so often conflate "DOS" with "PC" that when I find a program that runs on the PC but not under DOS, sometimes I forget to make note of it.)