King's Quest 5 (Spanish version)(256 colours) 0.000.162

Category: Games
Year: 1990
Description:On a beautiful sunny day, King Graham of Daventry decides to take a stroll in the woods surrounding his castle. When he returns, he discovers with horror that his home, Daventry Castle, has completely disappeared! Graham is at a loss, and wonders how this could have happened, when a talking owl named Cedric appears. He tells him that he saw the whole thing, and that an evil wizard named Mordack whisked the entire castle away, along with Graham's family in it. Cedric offers to take him to his homeland, Serenia, where his master, the wizard Crispin resides. Surely Crispin will be able to help King Graham rescue his family from Mordack's clutches.
Manufacturer: Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Localization: ES

Files to download

#22359001422_kings_quest_5.7z8 MB0xE091BFA6

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