Installer VISE 3.7

Category: Utility
Year: 2008
Description:MindVision Installer VISE continues the tradition of Installer VISE for the Macintosh by providing easy-to-use graphical installation package editing and creation. Version 3.7 Includes support for Windows Vista and Server 2008 and minor bug fixes. This is a fan-made version of the Installer VISE installation routine. I was able to find a patched InstVise.exe (thus removing the activation and reliance in servers that don't exist). I've created this in such a way that it mimics the original Installer VISE installer. I've included a KeyGen for the Updater VISE Application, but you can use keys made by this tool to generate for Installer VISE (although it's not strictly necessary). If you choose to put your name and key in the about box, make sure you click cancel on both software activation prompts after entering the serial number. All Files tested and virus free as of 2023.06.26 NOTE: I've included my *.VCT file to allow anyone to edit it, improve it, or just audit it. I've also included all original data files (EXEs, PDFs, DLLs, etc.) as a RAR called "Files_To_Build_Installer.RAR". Although everything is virus-free every antivirus program likes to think the KeyGen is a virus even though it is not. The password for such file is in the main RAR. Just FYI: One really doesn't *need* the original files (In the RAR) as they're all included inside the VCT, but just in case you delete one or the VCT gets corrupted; there's a backup set in the RAR.
Manufacturer: MindVision Software
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#23581IVISE37_Custom.rar37.6 MB0xC973B395Fake?
#23583IVISE37_Custom.rar37.6 MB0xB18F14C8

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