IBM OS/2 Warp Demo 3

Category: OS
Year: 1995
Description:VERY Rare IBM OS Warp Demo app that runs in DOS. ** OS/2 WARP DEMO ** Jan 20, '95 from IBM. See how much of your computer has been wasted because of DOS's inability to multitask, protect applications in memory, provide more than 640k base memory, run 272 applications simultaneously, run Windows, DOS, AND OS/2 apps simultaneously! See what your computer is actually capable of! Runs in DOS. Shows how rediculous DOS/Windows is!
Manufacturer: Ibm Corp.
Localization: EN
OS: OS/2

Files to download

#13295WARPDEMO.ZIP1.4 MB0x5011EFEC

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On Wednesday January 15, 2014 Highwinder said:

I forgot to mention that it runs beautifully in DOS box, same with the other OS2 demo I uploaded. I particularly love the DOS/ANSI installation screen. Enjoy.