IBM OS/2 1.30 Extended Edition (de) 1.30

Category: OS
Year: 1991
Description:german installation disks - disk "Install" is modified to run in virtual machines like "VirtualBox". If you like to use PS/2 mouse you have to install the drivers manually. Use "MSPS201.SYS" for PS/2 mouse. To do so unpack the file "" from disk 2 (unpack c:\os2) and edit the config.sys file: DEVICE=C:\OS2\MSPS201.SYS DEVICE=C:\OS2\MOUSE.SYS TYPE=MSPS2$
Manufacturer: IBM / Microsoft
Localization: DE
OS: OS/2

Files to download

#18744IBM OS2 1.30 Extended Edition German Diskettes.zip19.9 MB0xC310E36D

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