IBM - OS/2 Warp 3.0 Connect 3.0

Category: OS
Year: 1995
Description:Original and untouched ISO from OS/2 Warp Connect 3.0, incl. WinOS, Multimedia, TCP/IP for OS/2, LAN-Manager, Internet Access, in 4 *.rar compressed files. Enjoy !
Manufacturer: Ibm Corp.
Localization: DE
OS: OS/2

Files to download

#13812W3ConDE.part1.rar42 MB0x9623BC2A
#13813W3ConDE.part2.rar42 MB0x624286B4
#13814W3ConDE.part3.rar42 MB0x9905CFC3
#13815W3ConDE.part4.rar28.2 MB0xC009F95C

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On Friday September 22, 2017 Grendell said:

Works fine after unpacking under Linux (maybe also under win) with "unrar x W3ConDE.part1.rar". Tested the unpacked iso image (W3ConDE.iso) with VirtualBox. ==> OK

On Wednesday October 19, 2016 Ryelow said:

Doesnt work, i tried unraring the files, but keka says "error in line 3 "unrar"".