Category: Other
Year: 2008
Description:GradeQuick is a computerized grade book program for teachers at all levels of the education system and can be scaled up to school wide deployment with the add-on site manager application. Jackson software was bought by Edline and the product has ceased support since the end of 2018. Included in this package are original installers for GradeQuick for windows and SiteManager and a patcher program written in Lindersoft SetupBuilder 10 to bypass any registration prompts. Is you use SiteManager install GradeQuick first then install SiteManager. The default login when SiteManager is installed is AdminW with a blank password. If you don't install SiteManager there is no login needed.
Manufacturer: Jackson Software
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#21586GradeQuick.zip22.4 MB0x7CEA76B3

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