GPT Loader

Category: System
Year: 2020
Manufacturer: Paragon
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#21948Paragon GPT Loader v8.0.1.2.rar29.1 KB0x738068DB

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On Tuesday August 15, 2023 Lorenzo said:

To install: Right-click the INF file and select Install. Then reboot.
To mount: No action required, just plug your GPT disk and voilĂ ! :)
For me it worked flawlessly, in fact I'm writing this from the very same XP machine I tested it on, and you can both read and write all partitions and my 3TB disk works perfectly! Thanks VETUSWARE.COM! :D


On Monday December 19, 2022 retard said:

How do I install this?

On Tuesday February 8, 2022 Sam Townsend said:

I installed the driver, but how do I mount anything with this?