Easy Grade Pro

Category: Other
Year: 2011
Description:This is a teacher grade book program that is confirmed working on windows as far back as windows 2000. Windows versions as current as windo2ws 10 it still works on. in the zip file, you'll find a text file called EGP_Serial.txt which contains one single user (teacher) and one site (school) license key. Features Include: 1. Student information (name, gender, phone numbers, etc.) 2. Calculation of student grades 3. generation of multiple types of reports (student grade printout, seating charts, class summary, etc.) 4. full access and restricted access passwords to secure your cradebook files 5. seating chart tools 6. multiple classes per grade book file 7. standards-based grading 8. and much more This is the most recent version of the product; however considering that they're discontinuing the sales and support of this product as of 12/31/2018 ans so here is the last version for windows for those who still prefer to use this app.
Manufacturer: Orbis Software
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#20141EasyGradePro_Win_41.zip5.1 MB0xC56F7B6C

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