Early Microsoft Excel bundle 2.x-97

Category: Office
Year: ????
Description:This bundle of early Microsoft Excel programs contains: Microsoft Excel 2.x Microsoft Excel 3.x Microsoft Excel 4.x Microsoft Excel 5.x Microsoft Excel 97.
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#14906Microsoft Excel 2.x.7z8.1 MB0x87139B39
#14907Microsoft Excel 3.x.7z6.2 MB0x897AB286
#14908Microsoft Excel 4.x.7z28.5 MB0xF57F0C2C
#14909Microsoft Excel 5.x part1.7z49.5 MB0x7072611D
#14910Microsoft Excel 5.x part2.7z49.9 MB0x7C28E1E
#14911Microsoft Excel 5.x part3.7z51.5 MB0x12DF4FE8
#14912Microsoft Excel 97.7z16.7 MB0xC5651675

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On Wednesday April 10, 2019 Anonymous said:

These files are corrupted and don't unzip correctly.