Donald Duck - Qu@ck Att@ck ! Demo

Category: Games
Year: 2001
Description:The individual levels alternatively vary between 2D and 3D worlds. The story mainly revolves around Donald having to protect his beloved Daisy from quests and evil wizards. "Donald Duck - Qu @ ck Att @ ck ?!" should be very reminiscent of "Crash Bandicoot" by its very nature and be quite easy to play. One criticism is that it is only suitable for the younger generation, where I can only say: who decides when I'm too old to play something? I decide for myself and since I like platform'n'runs in general, I will not come around to try it out here. The player is sent on his journey through 24 levels (which should all be over very quickly) and 4 spaces. These rooms have different themes: the forest, the city, a haunted house and an ancient Egyptian / Aztec temple. Through these rooms and levels, Donald has to deal with the strangest enemies and bosses; well-known as the Panzerknacker, but also completely new and unknown opponents lurk in the game world of Qu @ ck Att @ ck. So all in all, Qu @ ck Att @ ck is a jump'n'run game, like so many others: Run around, collect coins, defeat a few enemies before you get to the boss, and you have a certain amount of life. Everything there that makes a jump'n'run fan heart beat faster. Consequently, my! ❤ It looks nicely done with this mix of 2D and 3D worlds, as well as the Donald is pretty cute. When was it easier to be so close to his chaotic Entenhausener favorite hero and to share adventures with him? And although the game has a few years on its back, it makes a pretty solid, amusing and entertaining impression, according to the trailer and gameplay. For my part, I'll definitely play it all down and do a let's test on it. Until then!! ❤
Manufacturer: Disney software
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#21525Donald Duck - Qu @ ck Att @ ck !.iso157.8 MB0xAB715224
#21524Donald Duck - Qu @ ck Att @ ck !.zip112.4 MB0x90F67991

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