Dictionary 1.1

Category: Utility
Year: 2009
Description:A small dictionary application.
Manufacturer: Not specified
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#9420DICTIO~1.zip15 KB0xBAB740F7

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On Friday August 24, 2012 baset said:

i'm kinda of new at this i had my computer now since 2009 . but bet my dad is more amazed since i told him ok so your sending me computer . but i don't know how to to turn or download software . well your neighbors you can trust . yea but only thing i think i have a fever in oct 2009i said that i have a cold can to my head and had ice cubes in a bag but they melted so he said call your people . but one thing about trusting my neighbors he must have relly known them i gusse . my computer been downloaded reloaded . and download and booted back up .ut den mother is moving by end of next month so who now to trust . at the time he told me on other side didn't speak english . but my nighbor tell's me take your med's i yelled back did you take your's . and i told it's not three pm why sould i take a sleeping pill now and be up at 11:00 pm . but barewith me i'm this letting out my air . so i'll find out what software is good from the den mother next door after she get's in .i have one software loaded it's window's 7 . but my screen sometime has three one above one in middle then bottom . and sometime's it look's seven to eight or on it . when i try do down music on it from elphant ot bearshare music. but will let you go once bear share was on and the screen was have cut up one on top one both side's and nothing on bottom of the screen .it's like someone loaded there on software . and one in highschool atkennewick high in the school year of 1977-78 year made a mail address for her self like a email service . and it was yahoo email at kennewick high school .