Derive 6.1 Math Software 6.1

Category: Other
Year: 2024
Description:I have used this software with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and even now on my Windows 10 PC. The only adjustment that I had to make so that the program always displays correctly (e.g., 3D graphing) was to adjust my laptop's resolution from 1366 x 768 to 1360 x 768. Product Key 3723-VJ28- F2VZ-5J523
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#15908Derive 6.1 Math Software - Product Key 3723-VJ28- F2VZ-5J523.rar6 MB0x385AEF9C

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On Wednesday April 24, 2024 Victor Mora said:

I just installed the program but it does not respond, it just hangs and when I go to Task Manager it doesn't show like is running. I'm running Win10 Pro.

On Thursday March 9, 2023 zharik said:

Windows 11. Installation stuck on TTF file. I stopped the installation and manually installed the ttf files in the program folder. And the program started.

On Friday February 10, 2023 Luis said:

I installed it today.It is working well with no issues.Also i tried using the normal resolution 1920x1080 in Windows 10 and it worked.

On Monday June 20, 2022 Tim Adams said:

Since the vetusware site provides version 6 of Texas Instruments' DERIVE, then use the manual for version 6 that is available at:​idebook/details/en/B90AE32A168​542E0930C11CDC4AEA65D/derive6

On Monday June 20, 2022 Tim Adams said:

This expands my April 19, 2019 and May 29, 2019 posts.
If the installer hangs up or division bar as used in a fraction is displayed as small boxes, then:
(1) Do a restart.
(2) Go to "TI Education" under Program Files (86x) under the machine's C drive.
(3) Double click to open the "TI Education" folder.
(4) Double click to open the "Derive 6" folder.
(5) Right click and select "Install" on each of the four true type font (TTF) files.
To locate the TTF files:
(a) Right click the page.
(b) Click "View" and click "Details".
(c) Click "Type" being the label for the header for the last column. The four files to install have the file type called "TrueType font file".

On Friday November 26, 2021 Dr Matthew B Scudiere said:

So where can I download the fonts file needed to install Derive 6.1?
The first file is DFW5.ttf that it hangs on. Is there more?

On Monday October 25, 2021 Tinurandir said:

I have changed the compatibility settings and ran the installer as administrator, any idea why the installer get stuck at copying DfW5.ttf on Windows 10?

On Wednesday May 29, 2019 Tim Adams said:

UPDATE to my April 19 post: One Windows 10 Pro (with HP Envy laptop) installation did not complete Derive's install process and would not exit. In this case, (1) Do a restart and (2) Open Derive's folder located under "TI Education" under Program Files (86x) and then right click and install each of the four true type font (TTF) files.

On Friday April 19, 2019 Tim Adams said:

The following instructions worked on my three machines using Windows Vista-SP2, Windows 7, and Windows 10 Pro.
1. Download from this site being:​urer/Texas%20Instruments/?auth​or=3123
2. As precaution, scan to check for malware.
3. Unzip file using an RAR app.
4. Save unzipped file to computer.
5. Right click file to go to Properties.
6. In the Compatibility tab, select “Windows XP, Service Pack 2” and then click Apply.
7. Open this file to install. The license key is provided in the name of the DERIVE file.
8. Reboot.
9. Since DERIVE’s Help no longer works, the internet provides the “Introduction to Derive” manual and the University of Hawaii’s old site has resources and another manual.

On Sunday January 20, 2019 lucinda said:

any tips on how to download this as i cant seem to get it to work


On Tuesday January 15, 2019 Troy said:

Seems to be working great. Had a hard time finding this elsewhere online.

On Saturday January 23, 2016 Mikole50 said:

Never mind. You enter your name and remove the ".rar" from the product key.

On Saturday January 23, 2016 Mikole50 said:

Where do I get the license for this. You provided the product key but no license.