DOSBOX - Windows 3.11 Pre-Installed 3.11

Category: OS
Year: 1993
Description:DOSBOX with Windows 3.11 pre-installed. Video and Sound Drivers are pre-installed.
Manufacturer: IBM/Microsoft
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#14672win311dosbox.zip91.7 MB0x8BACF726

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On Thursday April 18, 2019 jayarrtoo said:

Oh, one more thing you may want to disable "exit afterwards" or similar in the frontend if you want to be able to exit Windows and do DOS things (like change settings, setup drivers / software, etc)

On Thursday April 18, 2019 jayarrtoo said:

If using a front end, set path \WINDOWS\WINDOWS\WIN.COM and setup path to \WINDOWS\WINDOWS\SETUP.EXE
Now change the mount point of C to be \WINDOWS instead of \WINDOWS\WINDOWS
Then start manually (to DOS) and run SETUP.EXE and perform and upgrade install of Windows. After restart, it will probably exit. Then just launch from your luuncher's shortcut.

On Monday May 29, 2017 Jerry Walz said:

Holy cow, this took me almost all day to get it running right, just to play Balance of Power, heh. Well it didn't help that I installed it into my game directory instead of moving my game directory to it. REMEMBER: it matters where you mount your DosBox from, can't be changing it around. The autoexec.bat and system.ini folders will have to be changed to point to the *.386 files, possibly the config.sys too. Um, still working on pointing correctly to the *.grp files for the group workgroup stuff.
You even included netscape, haha. You sir are bad to the bone. I wonder with all of this VMware going on if there will eventually be an underground internet/software cult. These types of websites are going to be prestine. Us older men/woman can't die for another 40 years, society is going to need us if not just to remind everyone about where we are going from where we have been. Tech history.
Jerry Walz

On Sunday March 8, 2015 Jay2 said:

It works, you have to install it, but that's no biggie.

On Tuesday November 18, 2014 Nick DePasquale said:

I will try to fix the organization.

On Thursday October 23, 2014 al tracker said:

@ orco44:
I have it running. From the splash screen and HELP ABOUT it states:
Version 3.11
I agree it is not completely preinstalled.

On Wednesday October 22, 2014 orco44 said:

first of all its win 3.1 and also its not preinstalled, it needs to be setup
thats misleading!

On Wednesday October 22, 2014 al tracker said:

This works and runs win311WG quite well., but be prepared to do some tweaking.
Very disorganized. Installation files and installed files are all mixed together.
Mount the first Windows folder as C:\.
Only an empty program manager comes up at start with NO sound.
Program groups appeared when added as NEW. (Use Dir *.GRP to find groups included)
Mouse, keyboard and Video are all installed (Video is S3 Trio64V 1.70.04 1280x1024 256 color).
Sound Blaster must be installed from to get sound. Sound ok after install.