Corel Draw 5

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1994
Description:Programa de graficos vectoriales
Manufacturer: Corel
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#11842CORELDRAW5.ZIP21.7 MB0xFDEEEC38Fake?

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On Sunday April 19, 2020 Wallace said:

Simply run "SETUP.EXE" from DISK1 folder.
It´s not necessary to recreate the floppy disks.
Install and works fine on Windows XP.
It´s recommended to keep the default instalation directory: "C:\COREL50".

On Wednesday February 19, 2014 wizman said:

This is the May 26th, 1994 initial release.
It does not include Ventura 5, which is included in later revisions.
The archive is a directory tree with files in DISK1, DISK2, etc.
The file dates are correct, and the install is fine.