Cardfile (32-bit) 3.51.1016.1

Category: Other
Year: 1995
Description:A 32-bit version of Cardfile, the useful tool from early Windows OSes. Compatible with XP, Vista, possibly 7
Manufacturer: Microsoft Corporation
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#13550cardfile.zip46.4 KB0x6968E274

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On Sunday February 26, 2023 joey silva said:

can't seem to get it to print though

On Monday September 19, 2022 Jonathan Thorpe said:

Works perfectly on Windows 11 Pro x64 22000.978

On Sunday July 10, 2022 michaelhenry said:

Works on my version of Windows 10 Pro

On Sunday April 18, 2021 Brian Connell said:

Have a buddy that had his entire lawn mowing business on cardfile, and his old computer died and this is what he needed to run it on win 10. Thanks you saved him tons of work.

On Sunday February 14, 2021 Hartmut Bromkamp said:

Windows 10 20H2: No save, no save as, no open, unfortunately now useless.

On Thursday September 20, 2018 joey silva said:

this works great on windows 7 64 bit

On Monday March 5, 2018 Chris Sidlo said:

How forturnate I am to have found this site!I have been on a mission to find this simple little program. Appreciate it very much.
Thanks, Chris
Houston, TX

On Sunday February 11, 2018 Duane W. Hancock said:

Love Cardfile. Works with Windows 10 Home 64 bit.

On Monday October 30, 2017 RJR said:

Thank-You solved my problem

On Sunday December 20, 2015 Karen Yorgy said:

Thank you!! This worked on Windows 7 Ultimate. Now I can address my XMAS cards:)

On Thursday April 30, 2015 ken greiner said:

thanks works fine windows 8 64 bit.

On Thursday March 5, 2015 mops said:

I was so desperate not to be able using my old cardfile.exe under Win 7 64 bit.
But now ... Many, many Thanks

On Tuesday February 3, 2015 BothSidesNow said:

Spent a lot of time searching for the 32 bit version so I could run in 64 bit 7. Glad to have finally found it. Jerry

On Thursday December 25, 2014 Mark Chris said:

Searched all over for this version to rescue my card file after moving to 64 bit Windows. Love your site - I'll be back.