Calmira LFN 3.32

Category: Other
Year: 2007
Description:A Windows 95-like program manager/file manager replacement for Windows 3.1x. This version has support for long file names.
Manufacturer: Not specified
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#9168callfnin.zip1 MB0x23D8B82F

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On Monday June 11, 2018 The Computer Geek said:

Been trying to get LFN support working in WfWG 3.11 for hours now. THANK YOU for hosting this!

On Friday April 18, 2014 Dr Dre said:

This is rare now the official site which most of the file links are missing (except the last official short file name installer) only lists a version of calmira with lfn support at version 3.30 (latest version of short name file support listed is 3.31 as a update).
Its going to be a nice addition to dosbox.