Caesar III/3 1.0

Category: Games
Year: 1998
Description:Caesar III is a video game that was released on September 30, 1998, developed by Impressions Games and published by Sierra Entertainment. It is the third installment of the Caesar series of games and is part of Sierra's City Building Series. Players take on the role of a Roman governor, tasked with building up a grand Roman city, in which they must ensure their citizens have their needs met, that their city is safe and profitable, while meeting various goals set for them and dealing with various disasters, angry gods and hostile enemies.+++This game works perfectly with all 32bit-windows versions including Windows 7 x32 AND Windows 7 x64 (Windows 8 and 10: not tested). NO installation needed. This should work just by unpacking and clicking on c3.exe.+++
Manufacturer: Impressions Games
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#18993CAESAR3.rar72.9 MB0x4C702C

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On Wednesday December 6, 2023 Marie Kalátová said:

sound doesnt work!!!