Category: Multimedia
Year: 1984
Description:COASTER! The screen saver for DOS and Windows
Manufacturer: Road Scholar
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#18015coaster.rar15.7 MB0x5D94A106

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On Wednesday March 25, 2020 Loewensenft said: should do!?

On Sunday February 5, 2017 wizman said:

Link doesn't work for me. Would like to see the youtube of it!

On Friday January 27, 2017 Randy Dawson said:

I can submit this, as I wrote it!
The first multimedia screensaver for DOS and Windows. It killed my publisher, Road Scholar, as it took 11 1.5M floppies.
You can see a high res version here:​v=zpjOlpVf2ls