Category: DBMS
Year: 1994
Description:GUI developement & compiler for DBase files
Manufacturer: Computer Associates
Localization: DE
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#4413DBFAST.part1.rar5.7 MB0xDF748294
#4414DBFAST.part2.rar5.7 MB0x6070004C
#4415DBFAST.part3.rar1.1 MB0xA6422AB1

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On Wednesday April 20, 2011 mark vetusware said:

Yes I'm commenting on CA DBFAST and many others, DBclip, Valkarie 2.0, Valkarie 2.0 full, Valkarie 5.0, and the list goes on, and all of them are "broke" and the administrator knows this. What gives? If you are going to provide a service that is Great. But this is nonsence.

On Friday December 3, 2010  said:

Oh,it's a pity. Don't know german even a word.

On Wednesday November 19, 2008 erfel said:

In german language.