Adobe Photoshop 2.5

Category: Multimedia
Year: 1992
Description:The First version for windows of the powerful image editor NAME: (anybody, just put your name) SERIAL: PWW250R3000000-880
Manufacturer: Adobe
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#5696photoshop25.zip4.1 MB0xC7ADC539Fake?

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On Tuesday November 13, 2018 alexatnet said:

it works fine on windows98se ,chinese verison ,
also works fine under VMWare player enviroment .
thanks a lot

On Tuesday December 9, 2014 precertvideo said:

Files are .IMG format - Use an image extractor like Winimage to extract them.

On Thursday September 18, 2014 flatshaded said:

Tested and works under Win 3.1

On Wednesday September 19, 2012 Hans Muster said:

Works on Windows 3.1. PS: How do I burn .img files onto floppy disk?​/107248/how-do-i-burn-img-file​s-onto-floppy-disk

On Wednesday March 10, 2010 adacosta said:

I am receiving an out of memory message when I launch the program on several versions of Windows, including NT 3.1, Windows 3.1 and Windows 2000. I have adjusted the page file size to equal to the amount of installed memory.
I have also tried lowering the amount of installed memory to something supported by Photoshop 2.5's memory requirements. The program installs just fine though, no problem at all, so its not a fake, its just getting it open is the problem. Personally, I would just download version 3.04 instead.

On Wednesday March 25, 2009 Deadly Headshot said:

The actual file isn't included!!!