Adobe Acrobat 3.0 for Windows CD-ROM 3.0

Category: Office
Year: 1996
Description:This is the full package that lets you create/modify PDF files. This includes Distiller and PDFWriter that lets you print to a PDF file. This is a 16-bit version that runs under Windows 3.1. Unzip the zip, unrar starting with acrobat3.001. Burn to CD or install from HDD. This download is about 69MB, includes serial. Serial # PWW250R3107069-312 So first unzip the big zip file then unrar, it creates the whole directory structure of the CD including help files and docs. This version can also run under Win95 if you want to do that but it was designed for Win3.1 Enjoy!
Manufacturer: Adobe
Localization: EN
OS: Windows 3.x

Files to download

#12158Acrobat3.zip66.7 MB0xFF61EE9B

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On Tuesday December 22, 2020 ahmad said:


On Sunday March 5, 2017 wizman said:

Very nice. As stated, WinRAR will open just fine. Browse to the directory where you unpacked "". In WinRAR, select the option to "open all files", and pick "acrobat3.001".
WinRAR will handle it from there just fine.

On Saturday December 26, 2015 BillyRay said:

This works. Archive unzips and then unrar starting with acrobat3.001 I used winrar version 3 to unrar. Installs fine.

On Wednesday August 26, 2015 Joe2501 said:

this does not work. The ZIP archive deflates but the files therein to no deflate properly with WinRAR or any other decompression software