Accelerated Reader 6.1 6.1

Category: Other
Year: 2001
Description:Accelerated Reader (AR) was an application deployed in schools. The objective of it was to test how well a student has read and comprehended a book based on his/her reading level. The student's AR level was determined by taking a test called the STAR Test; however, a copy of the STAR test ISO to my knowledge does not exist. To get quizzes into AR one must have either 1) a disk containing quiz banks from AR themselves or 2) the time to read and come up with questions to make a quiz of between 5 and 20 questions in length. I don't have any AR banks, however I you can use the "Teacher-made" quiz feature to build your own quizzes. A serial number for AR is: E199-8502-E242-B005-01 This serial number is good for up to 200 students enrolled at any one given time. Note: the default password for the administrator program is "ADMIN" and case does not matter. Note: I sourced this from the Internet Archive if you'd like to see the original link:
Manufacturer: Renaissance Learning, Inc.
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#23530AR_6_WinMac_ISO.zip92.3 MB0xDA9807F

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