12000 Clipart Images XP Compataible CDRS694D1

Category: Multimedia
Year: 2003
Description:This is an original disk of clipart from Cosmi CDRS694D1, one of 30 shareware disks that I picked up, all original.
Manufacturer: Cosmi
Localization: EN
OS: Windows XP

Files to download

#22549Cosmi Swift Jewel 12000 Clip Art XP Compatable.iso652 MB0xE1C5691D

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On Sunday July 18, 2021 Russ Campbell said:

Some of the titles I picked up were :
CD-Rom Today Disc # 15 September 1995
Pokemon Playit Trading Card Game
Windows 95 Disc UtilitiesSoftkey Greeting Card for Windows 3.1 &95
Parsons Technology Microsoft Announcements For Windows Version 4.1
Smart DJ Updates June 5 2001 (made by myself)
Starshot Space Circus Fever
Printmaster Gold Classic for Windows 3.1 & 95
Blast Thru
Windoware from Chestnut Software for Windows 3.1 and up
3-D Minigolf from Sierra
95 Animated Cursers
MP3 Skins Update for Smart DJ V 2.0 (Made by myself)
MP3 Smart - DJ Cheat codes Update V 2.0 (made by me)40 Best Windows 95 Games
486 Games (made by me in 2001)
The Best Windows Software of 95
Fun Clip Art (5000 clip art images) commercial
Game Empire Volume II Over 250 Games
Corel Printhouse for 486
Softkey Artrageous
Corel Printhouse Magic Software Disc 3
Softkey Multipedia never opened
Total PC Shareware
Super PC Plus # 14
Super PC Plus # 15
Super PC Plus # 11
PC Answers 18 August 1995
PC Plus Quick Start Issue 118
PC Plus Super CD # 29
PC Plus Super CD # 27
CD Rom Today Issue 16
PC Plus Super CD # 19 with Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0
Plus I picked up about 16 external modems , they all work but 1, and 24 or more PCI modem cards....
Everything but the stuff I made 30 years ago is original.