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DOS / Utility


PARINT .parity error interceptor ver 2.0

PARINT .this file is dated 1980 .and was used in the apple altair computers /the CP/M OPERATING SYSTEM .The file was converted to be used in the IBM 3.1 operating system in 1984 .parity errors in the memory in motherboards and expansion boards must have been a worry to computer users back in the late 1970 and early 1980 so a small utility like this to test the memory parity must help .ibm then improved the parity checking with their own utility programmes .this small utility is only 512 bytes /so downloading such a small utility was impossible .so I combined this with WinRAR to make it big enough to delete the WinRAR when opened to use the it will load into memory and be a warning if any parity errors show up in the memory .this looks to be a very early utility .so it is a scarce program.