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Drag and File Gold v4.0 4.0

As an added bonus, Drag And File Gold comes with Drag And Zip integrated nicely with Drag And File. Kiss your file manager good-bye. Now there's Drag And File for Windows. Drag And File is packed with many features. Definitely way too many to list. Here are some of the features you can find in Drag and File: -Associate data files to multiple applications. For example, the data file "MAUI.BMP" can be associated to launch Photoshop, Paintbrush, or Picture Publisher -Integrated FTP. Start an FTP session from Drag And File. Drag and drop files between ftp and local drives. -Integrated management of ZIP, TAR, GZ, MIME, Uuencode, Xxencode and Bin/Hex files ( Drag And File Gold) -Integrated virus scanner (Drag And File Gold) -Directory Synchronization -DOS Command line Drag And Zip is the essential plug-in application for file manager. Drag And Zip has the following features: -Makes Win 16 and Win 32 Self Extracting Files With No Additional Purchase -Makes Auto Launch and Password Protected Self Extracting Zip files -Scans zip files for viruses -Netscape, Explorer, Mosaic compatible (download and unzip)