Software made by VisiCorp/Creative Computer Applications



VisiFile 3.0

VisiFile is a flat file data base management system. This version is for the IBM PC, there was also an earlier version for the Apple II. VisiFile was written by Creative Computer Applications and published by VisiCorp. Creative Computer Applications followed up with a product called "TurboFile" Features: - Custom entry screens - Indexes - Various selection/retrieval options - Custom reports - Undeletable records. - Up to 32,000 records per file System requirements: - 128K RAM. - Two floppy drives, or one and a hard drive. - IBM PC-DOS 1.1 or later. This archive contains four 160K floppy disk images. These are formatted for DOS 1.x and may not open in WinImage. These disks appear to contain copy protection. It is not known when the software checks. No unprotect is included. This software requires BASIC. This disk is set up to use IBM ROM BASIC. You will need to run this in a machine with genuine IBM ROM basic (IBM Model 5150/5160/5170 or some PS/2s). Replacing BASIC.COM with Microsoft BASIC-86 or GW-BASIC may or may not work.