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USL System V r4.2 v1.0 full pkg set

This is full pkg set of the USL System V r4.2 v1.0 compiled under bochs from the sources: USL System V.4.2 Source Code: usl-4.2-source.tar.gz Broken files are taken from: UnixWare Source Code 7: SCO-UnixWare-7.source.7z 17992 1998-09-22 00:40 ./src/common/X11R5/lib/Xol/PopupWindo.c System V R4 для i386: sysvr4.tar.bz2 468 1993-01-25 23:52 ./src/common/xcpcmd/backup/ 1129 1993-01-26 01:50 ./src/common/cmd/sdb/inc/common/Type.h 602 1993-01-26 01:10 ./src/common/cmd/nadmin.rfs/other/rfs/Help Directory `os-bochs/usl42v10' contains ready to use bochs disks with all packages installed. File `os-bochs/usl42v10/e.usl42v10.txt' contains info about installing under bochs.