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The Lawnmower Man 1

**The story so far:** Jobe, a simpleton who spends his hours cutting neighbourhood lawns, is used as a human guinea-pig by Dr. Angelo and attains superhuman powers with the help of a unique Virtual Reality system. These powers, initially intended for peaceful purposes, are misused by "The Shop", a government agency financing Dr. Angelo's experiments. Their intervention turns the initially passive Jobe into Cyberjobe, a highly destructive psychopath intent on taking over the world from within it's computer networks. **The game:** Cyberjobe has entered Virtual Reality within the world's computer networks and now seeks revenge against Dr. Angelo for the injustice carried out against him. Using his new-found powers he manages to pull Dr. Angelo, Carla and Peter with him into his V.R. domain. As Dr. Angelo, push your gaming skills to the limit as you pit yourself, both mentally and physically against the ultimate in computer incarnations. CYBERJOBE AWAITS YOU **FEATURES** - 22 Minutes of actual colour footage from the film. - High quality images through proprietary digitized process - Widescreen interactive videom gameplay - 10 Totally different game styles - Stunning interactive ray-trace 3D graphic sequences - 360 Degree cinematic panning - Incorporates the Computer Generated Cyberjobe as designed by the world famous Angel Studios - Original title track composed and performed by Steve Hillage **Minimum System Requirements** - 386 CPU - 2MB RAM - 150k CD-ROM Drive - 320x200x256 Colour VGA/S-VGA Monitor - Keyboard Only - IBM PC or Compatible - Soundblaster **Recommended System Requirements** - 486 Processor - 4MB RAM - 300k CD-ROM Drive - 20MB Hard Disk Space