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MusicPrinter Plus 1.1

MusicPrinter Plus, from Temporal Acuity Products, Inc, is a musical notation program for MS-DOS. It supports CGA, EGA, and VGA video as well as MIDI playback. Will run on an IBM PC (5150), and was supported up to IBM PS/2 models around 1988. Important: This software is copy protected. An unprotected version is supplied in the "Unprotected" folder. This archive contains kryoflux dumps of a new, untouched floppy disk. For whatever reason the copy protection is * extremely * picky about the drives that read and write these images. If it does not like your drives, you will see a "no keydisk" error message at startup. This archive includes a dump of disk 1 using a 360k floppy drive, and another using a 1.2mb floppy drive. I've only had success writing the 1.2mb image. The copy protection is timing sensitive, and may fail on fast computers. It was supported up to ~1988 IBM PS/2 computers.