Software made by Tanveer Rameez

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JPHOTOBRUSH ver 2.3 by Tanveer Rameez (Dated 25 Dec 2002) For OS 2.3

* Facilty to open multiple images as in case of MDI (using JInternalFrame) * Loading and saving 24-bit GIF,JPG,BMP, uncompressed TIFF, uncompressed TGA. * Basic : Brightness/contrast controls, grayscaling, color invert etc * Filters: Blur/Smooth, Sharpen, edge detections, emboss, erode, dilate etc * Noise reduction and generation * Cool effects like-diffuse, mosaic,Venetian blinds, buttonize, solarize, scramble,wave,camera effects, plaster effects etc * Histogram and Histogram equalization * Blending, overlaying, arithmetic of more than one image * Image Resizing, rotation,shear,flipping etc. * Rendering effects include- spotlight effects etc * Includes an Image Browser displaying thumbnails of images in the selected folder. * Image warping, adding text (with user selectable textured background) etc * Drag and Drop facilty-image files can be dragged from Windows Explorer and Desktop to the applications. Folders dragged into the application opens up image browser . * Copy/paste of a region of an image as a new image * Mouse Wheeling provided in Windows * Free hand and line/rectangle/oval drawing with customised width,color,line style and cap style * one level undo and redo * image printing facility with print preview * Zoom in/zoom out options * and much much more