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Windows 9x/ME / Multimedia


The Psychedelic Screensaver with CD Spectrum Pro v4.0.1220

The Psychedelic Screen Saver generates an endless variety of mesmerizing patterns. As the patterns materialize on your screen, the colors will shift, undulate, and generally speaking, look cool. Whether you're into abstract art, mathematics, or just have a history of mental illness, you'll love this screen saver. Version 4.0 of The Psychedelic Screen Saver has been designed to work in conjunction with CD/Spectrum Pro in order to provide stunning visual effects that synchronize with the sounds from an audio device (like the CD player in your computer). With many of the module controls you can now associate a sound frequency, a range of effect, and a sensitivity. Fluctuations in the amplitude of the frequency will oscillate the control values within the range of effect. CD/SPECTRUM PRO CD/Spectrum Pro is a 32 bit shareware CD-Audio Player with a Graphical Spectrum Analyzer for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. It can be used in conjunction with The Psychedelic Screen Saver in order to allow the patterns and the colors generated by the screen saver to be synchronized with sound. CD/Spectrum Pro has almost every feature you can find on any software CD player. It supports programmed mode, intro mode, optional taskbar icon operation, auto-play, auto-exit, auto-eject, artist/track/title database, etc. It also recognizes CDP files which can save you from typing in all the track/title information for your CDs. The spectrum analyzer graphically depicts the frequency spectra of the CD music in real time.