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Boot-B n/a

From the documentation: "Do you have tons of games on 5.25" diskettes that can only run by booting them, but you can't run them because your A: drive is a 3.5" drive? Now you can. By using Boot-B: you can start most of those diskettes from the B: drive. Boot-B: is a program that creates a new boot sector for a disk in drive A: which when booted will pass the boot process over to the B: drive. It is not a TSR (obviously), nor does it in any way alter the format of the diskette. It simply replaces the non-functional boot sector of the floppy with one that redirects the boot process. All DOS disk parameters are left unaltered. Since Boot-B: does all of its changes in the boot sector, the BOOT_B program does not need to be present on the floppy disk."