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WinDos 1.0812 1.0812

The WinDOS is a fairly complete emulation of DOS. It is an elaboration of the program SH.C, which appeared in the Microsoft Systems Journal (July 1991) in an article entitled, "Calling Standard C I/O Functions From Your Windows Code Using the WINIO Library," by David Maxey and Andrew Schulman. It also employs the WINIO library, also discussed in that article, by David Maxey and Andrew Schulman. I urge everyone interested in trying out Windows programming to get a copy of that article and write his own shell program. They've made it pretty easy. Like any Windows program, you can launch many (up to 32) instances of the WinDOS, move files between directories, erase files, create small batch files, launch both DOS and Windows programs. You can terminate WinDOS by selecting CLOSE from the System Menu in the upper left corner of the window, by double clicking on the System Menu box, or by typing "Exit" at the command line and pressing the return key. The WinDOS is a FREE program and may be used in any environment, commercial or non-commercial. Ronald Gans Software Company does not warrant the use of the WinDOS on any particular system and specifically disclaims any incidental damage which may arise consequent to its use on any computer system. We welcome any suggestions you may have concerning future implementations of WinDOS.