Software made by Rex K. Perkins

Windows 9x/ME / Utility


WMousePD Ink surface Trackpad driver/emulator for IBM PC110 1.1

The IBM PC110 Palmtop has an awkward tracepoint, as do most ThinkPads, and also has a strange pad above the keyboard which is a small resistive touch sensor/surface (like on a touchscreen that uses a stylus and pressure) on which to catch your signature (eg. sending a fax with the bundled Japanese software). You'll need INKDRV.COM (I've just uploaded that separately, had to) to turn it on and calibrate it. Once you have, this software will let you sort of use it as if it were a resistive trackpad (trackpads are usually capacitative, responding to the change in electric field as your finger moves, resistive surfaces like this respond to pressure which is why they're usually used with a stylus). This software works for Windows 3.x and just about every other version you can get working on a PC110 (the world's smallest ever Windows95 computer). I've also uploaded PS2.EXE which you have to have.